Govt Claims the Fiscal Year 2079/80 Budget Oriented for Youth

Govt Claims the Fiscal Year 2079/80 Budget Oriented for Youth

The budget of the Fiscal Year 2079/80 has very beautiful objectives such as building an economy based on production, stability, increase in employment, economic prosperity, poverty alleviation, financial discipline, building the foundation of a socialist-oriented economy, and social transformation. Priority has been selected in the budget to fulfill these objectives.

These include the transformation of the agriculture sector, increase in production and productivity in collaboration with government, private and cooperative sectors, job creation and poverty alleviation, local economic development based on innovation, human resource development, infrastructure development, and capital formation, hydropower generation, transmission line expansion, and rural electrification, industrial. Development, investment promotion, and revival of the tourism sector, environment protection, disaster management and mitigation of climate change risk, promotion of effective public service and good governance and periodic elections, scientific research, and development.

The objectives and priorities of the budget are basically right. The successful implementation of these is important. If the objectives and priorities in the budget are not implemented successfully, there is no justification for it. Yesterday's government also set good budget objectives and priorities but failed to implement them successfully, leading to underdevelopment, poverty, unemployment, instability, and crisis. Now this government needs to pay attention to such things. For the successful implementation of the budget, the government, subordinate bodies, and the entire staff should work with sincerity. Not only that, the company involved in the development work, the contractor, and the people associated with it also need to be hardworking and honest. At the same time, the vigilance of the people is very important.

Youth labor and mobilization play an important role in the budget. The most dynamic stage of human life is youth. Generally speaking, youth means not left by youth but not by old age. Young people are the creators of history, the pioneers of the age, the bearers of revolution, and the defenders of the country. Not only that, youth are also the backbone of economic production and development. The lifeblood of our economy is remittances sent by young people who have gone abroad. As soon as the name of the economy is mentioned, remittances come to mind.

We have long been the hallmark of the remittance economy. Due to the economic activity (crisis) of the country, today about 15 percent of the population of Nepali youth have fled abroad in search of foreign employment. This is not a good thing for the country. Almost all the countries of the world have become prosperous by exporting goods and services and not by exporting youth. Foreign employment is only a short-term option until the development of national industry and employment in the country.

The budget has taken the policy of creating more employment by highly respecting the labor of the youth. There is a plan in the budget to conduct skill-based vocational training programs in collaboration with the federal, state, and local levels to enable the youth to make maximum use of their potential in the field of productive employment.

In order to attract the youth to productive enterprise, it is planned to provide concessional loans on the security of enterprise proposal under the youth startup program on the basis of training and educational certificate. If the government implements this plan honestly, the number of people going abroad for employment will come down. If we can provide employment to the youth at home, the country will move forward in the direction of prosperity.

The current government has stated that it will change the structure of the Prime Minister's Employment Program, which was not well implemented yesterday. Rs. 7.5 billion has been allocated in the budget for the Prime Minister's Employment Program. The said amount will provide employment to two lakh listed unemployed every year through the Employment Service Center.

The policy of identifying arable barren land in collaboration with the local level and providing employment in the agricultural and productive sectors to the unemployed listed in the employment service center has created blood circulation in our youth. The government should be able to implement this program. It is important to end the practice of mentioning only in the budget.

Provision has been made in the budget for a national youth academy. In the field of industry and business, there is a system of establishing a smooth labor system and promoting collective bargaining. Not only that, there is a plan to establish reconciliation between employers and workers, increase the effectiveness of labor inspection as well as study and research of labor market, and conduct skill, development, and welfare work of workers. The budget also mentions studying and reviewing the effectiveness of the existing labor agreement by identifying new and attractive destination countries for foreign employment. The slogan that the right of Singha Durbar is in the village seems to be meaningful as the labor permit currently being provided in Kathmandu will be made available online through all labor and employment offices outside Kathmandu.

In the budget of the coming Fiscal Year 2079/080, it is planned to make arrangements to provide advance information through digital medium on the destination of workers, type of labor, wages and social security. An arrangement has been announced to provide relief, generous and welfare services to Nepali citizens and their families in foreign employment through online system. It has been decided in the budget to operate the accumulated investment fund for the workers in foreign employment by investing in the productive sector and distributing the returns. Which will make the youth feel safe in foreign employment of labor.

In the budget, it is planned to run entrepreneurship and self-employment focused programs targeting the youth as temporary police. The government plans to provide opportunities for them to engage in agriculture, forestry and other enterprises by providing training on their interests. The plan to make necessary arrangements to use the temporary police force as an accumulated security force will give more encouragement to the youths who will be working in the temporary police force yesterday.

In the budget, the government has allocated Rs. 9.13 billion for the Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Social Security. It is planned to gradually involve the citizens in the private and informal sector and foreign employment in the social security scheme run by the social security fund. It is planned to encourage the citizens returning from foreign employement to work in the productive and self-employment sector by investing their experience, skills, and capital and making arrangements for the provision of concessional loans for running a business. There is also a plan to establish multi-purpose training centers in all the provinces.

There are many schemes related to labor and employment for the youth in the budget. Only by implementing it can you reap the rewards. The government's program of creating employment in the country is commendable rather than making the youth proud by sending them abroad. It is important to pay attention to the industrialization of agriculture. Indigenous people should be given priority in employment distribution. Exports should flow through domestic production. Exports are the heart of prosperity.

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